Life Truly Is Full Of Surprises!

Life Truly Is Full Of Surprises!

Never in a MILLION years did I ever think I would be starting a blog of any kind. This was not in “my plans” for how my life should look or be. I have always believed I was not interesting enough, or not smart enough, or really and truly that nobody would want to hear what I thought. I also know some of you will read this and be appalled at my poor grammar, and incorrect punctuation. But I think maybe that makes me who I am. I am perfectly imperfect in so many ways.

Let’s discuss how the heck I got here. To letting go of my fear and doubt to share my journey, and innermost feelings with you. I truly thing this was 110% a God thing. Everywhere I went I was hearing about blogs. Every podcast I listened to, every article I was looking at by business women that I respect. And that little voice kept saying, Rya that is NOT for you! Over and over again it was like I was being hit over the head telling me to do it. And I kept arguing with that nudge. I now am certain the nudging was from God. And the little voice wasn’t me, it really is the enemy. He just loves to keep me down.

Last week I was driving around a really cool part of the city to take this picture you see posted. And I found a fun mural in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York. It really has some fun and quirky places to check out. So I took out my tripod snapped a few photos, and went back to my car. I had to head to an appointment, but had some time to kill so I decided to relax by listening to worship music and pray. I had to have been praying for a good 10 minutes and all of a sudden I was pulled out of that state of calm by a commotion. There was a man just pounding and screaming on my window asking me for all of my money. I truly didn’t have any. And honestly how he was acting, triggered me back to a time that I was robbed at gunpoint, and felt the barrel of a gun right on my head. I was able to drive away but was shaken. I wish I could have helped that man, but I had that “nudge” that I needed to get out of there.

I went and sat in a different area, just shaking and praying for some calm. As you can see I am ok. As I could see God sure showed me that I do have some interesting things to share. I can’t wait now to share my journey through life with you. I have been building my confidence through beauty, fashion, friendship and faith. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

Stay beautiful, confident, and blessed.

XOXO – Rya