My Daily Struggle As A Christian

My Daily Struggle As A Christian

This topic has been on my heart lately. But truly even more so after I was emotionally triggered in regards to Human Trafficking of Children. Since around March I have really been digging into this topic, and was not aware that it is a HUGE money making industry. And right here in the United States is the most desirable location. It is just sickening when you look into this topic and see and know what is truly being done to innocent children and teens.

This has made me so angry. This has made me hate these sick people that exploit these children. I began to have deep hate and disgust for the people that put them into slavery. These children and teens are so innocent, and don’t deserve to be treated in this way. I became consumed with researching, looking things up, and being sad for these children.

Educating and being aware of what is going on is important. I am not suggesting to bury your head in the sand regarding this issue. But I am suggesting to be sure to seek God before you do. Many times I did not pray before consuming information, and I could feel anxiety, anger and hate building up inside of me. And you know who thrives when hate is inside of me? Satan for sure does. Instead of turning to God to ask for protection, I wanted to take it in my own hands. And being my own source of protection never works. I always need God on my side to get me through the good and bad times.

I struggle with praying for those that do wrongful deeds. It is not something I am super proud of but it is how I feel. I seek for God to help me have a merciful heart. I want God to help me to know that anybody can be changed by HIM. I was not perfect in any way before God changed my heart. And I am forever grateful for his daily mercies.

I am working on praying for God to help those children that are being hurt by this horrific billion dollar industry. And I am also praying for the hearts of those who are doing the horrific deeds. It feels so strange to pray for the evil, but God is above us and imagine what could be done if he could win over the hearts of those doing the most wicked of deeds.

I am feeling a push from God to spread light and love to those that are hurting, and those that need help and mercy. I am directing my energy to doing good. There are so many amazing organizations we can help in regards to Human Trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad is one that myself and 90+ other LuLaRoe Retailers held a fundraiser for last weekend. I am so excited to say that we were able to raise about $15,000 for O.U.R. Rescue. Please consider looking into the good they do at

So I guess my point in all of this early morning babble is that we have the power and strength in prayer. We have the power in doing good. Lets keep spreading the light amidst all of the darkness. Light will overcome the darkness. Fight for those things that mean something to you, but be sure you seek God for protection. And ask HIM to also win the hearts of the wicked.

Stay beautiful and always be the light.

xoxo – Rya

Life Truly Is Full Of Surprises!

Life Truly Is Full Of Surprises!

Never in a MILLION years did I ever think I would be starting a blog of any kind. This was not in “my plans” for how my life should look or be. I have always believed I was not interesting enough, or not smart enough, or really and truly that nobody would want to hear what I thought. I also know some of you will read this and be appalled at my poor grammar, and incorrect punctuation. But I think maybe that makes me who I am. I am perfectly imperfect in so many ways.

Let’s discuss how the heck I got here. To letting go of my fear and doubt to share my journey, and innermost feelings with you. I truly thing this was 110% a God thing. Everywhere I went I was hearing about blogs. Every podcast I listened to, every article I was looking at by business women that I respect. And that little voice kept saying, Rya that is NOT for you! Over and over again it was like I was being hit over the head telling me to do it. And I kept arguing with that nudge. I now am certain the nudging was from God. And the little voice wasn’t me, it really is the enemy. He just loves to keep me down.

Last week I was driving around a really cool part of the city to take this picture you see posted. And I found a fun mural in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York. It really has some fun and quirky places to check out. So I took out my tripod snapped a few photos, and went back to my car. I had to head to an appointment, but had some time to kill so I decided to relax by listening to worship music and pray. I had to have been praying for a good 10 minutes and all of a sudden I was pulled out of that state of calm by a commotion. There was a man just pounding and screaming on my window asking me for all of my money. I truly didn’t have any. And honestly how he was acting, triggered me back to a time that I was robbed at gunpoint, and felt the barrel of a gun right on my head. I was able to drive away but was shaken. I wish I could have helped that man, but I had that “nudge” that I needed to get out of there.

I went and sat in a different area, just shaking and praying for some calm. As you can see I am ok. As I could see God sure showed me that I do have some interesting things to share. I can’t wait now to share my journey through life with you. I have been building my confidence through beauty, fashion, friendship and faith. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you.

Stay beautiful, confident, and blessed.

XOXO – Rya